Monday, February 13, 2012

What did Lazer Teach Me?

I have found that, in my life, when I experience the worst tragedy or adversity is when I find the most inspiration. Now, it seemed a little silly to have a funeral for a dog but I can’t just move on and act like nothing happened. This little pup came into my life and snuggled his way into my heart and I feel compelled to do something in his honor. So, because I can’t speak at his funeral, I wanted to share these words with anyone who cares to read them.

What has Lazer taught us?

First and foremost, Lazer taught me that life is too short to worry about following the rules. Although this dog was eager to please, he would never do anything he didn’t want to do. Sometimes the way to enjoy your life is to throw the rulebook away. If you want something, and you are willing to accept the consequences that may follow, then you better do it! Never hesitate to use your charm in order to convince someone to change their mind about you.

Never hesitate to indulge. No matter the outcome, sometimes you have to dig in, full force. Live life to the fullest. If you see someone drop a Dorito crumb on the floor and you really want it and no matter how many times you’ve been told not to eat food that falls on the floor because you might have an allergic reaction because you are allergic to everything and your mommas have already spend hundreds of dollars on vet bills because you always eat things that fall on the floor…eat it anyway.

No matter what bone you may be chewing on, you are NEVER too busy to snuggle. I am in a long term relationship and I know how easy it is to get comfortable and forget the little things that make someone’s day. I think the thing I loved most about Lazy is how quickly he could turn my whole mood around by nuzzling his face on my neck every time I picked him up. Don’t underestimate how impacting it can be to someone by dropping everything you are doing when they walk in the door.  This is such an incredible showing of love and affection that we only find from dogs.

Take a nap when you need one. If you’re tired, sleep. Of course we can’t sleep the 20 hours a day that Lazer was accustomed to but taking time to relax when you need to is imperative to living a happy and productive life. Work hard, play hard, and sleep hard. Know when to sleep and know when to get your butt to work. To be honest, Lazy never really did learn the “get your butt to work” part.

Size doesn’t matter when you have the heart of a giant. Even as an 8 week old puppy, I never remember him ever being intimidated or afraid. It didn’t matter that he was always the smallest guy in the room; you could count on him to be first in line to attack with a moments notice.

Lastly, just be happy. Don’t do anything to sacrifice your happiness. Keep a smile on your face and do everything in your power to make sure the people around you are smiling. I have lost an amazing friend and his death and a young age has robbed the world of a lot of laughs and smiles. Life is fleeting and you just never know when it may leave you. Lazer was a happy pup who I can honestly say would swear he had no regrets. He did exactly what he loved and he did it whenever he felt like doing it.


  1. AMEN! Loved this Julia. SO sorry about Lazer. So sorry.

  2. True words to live by. I am deeply sorry for yours and Carley's loss, he was an impressive pup!